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EBC Trail Rides!

Looking to get into Trail Rides? As in EBC's 40+ year road cycling tradition, EBC will help you learn to ride on trails with group, trail ride safety and etiquette.  We also give you a chance to socialize and stay fit on your trail bike.  EBC has trail rides every month.  We usually offer two rides with different distances.  A trail ride could be on a trail, path, gravel road, Levee, dirt road or all of these.

There are many other trail rides that EBC gets involved with.  You will be able find many of these
listed on the overall EBC Calendar and below under Upcoming Trail Events.

 Many thanks to the Rails to Trails Conservancy for their support. 

The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy transforms unused rail corridors into vibrant public places — ensuring a better future for America made possible by trails and the connections they inspire.



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Upcoming Trail Events

No Upcoming Trail Events


If there is inclement weather, a marathon or event scheduled at our ride start, or any doubt if any of our rides are taking place, please go to the  "Everglades Bicycle Club" Facebook Page for last minute announcements. We will post any updates there ONLY IF THERE ARE CHANGES to our routine. Otherwise, assume we are on schedule and at the regular ride start location.


Be prepared when you do a trail ride.  You need to be as self sufficient as possible.  Remember these rides may be in very remote areas. It could be miles to get to a paved road or convenience stores, bike shops, etc.
  • Pick the right bike for the ride. (Gravel/Dirt specifics, mountain bike or fat tire bicycle).
  • Make sure that your bike is in good working condition. Regularly visited a mechanic for tune ups. You should check your bike before and after each ride
  • Check the condition (wear & tear) of your tires.  Make sure your tires are inflated to the correct PSI (usually listed on the tire sidewall)
  • Check the weather forecast. (EBC posts cancellations due to bad weather about one hour before the ride on the "Everglades Bicycle Club" Facebook Page).
  • Bring plenty of liquids to drink (water, Gatorade or a similar sports drink). Plan at least one 22oz bottle per hour or a hydration pack (like Camelbak)
  • Make sure you have the basic tools needed to replace flat tires--2 spare tubes for the size of your wheels, 2 CO2 cartridges with corresponding dispenser (check if canisters are threaded or unthreaded) or pump, and tire levers. Check out:
  • Bring gels, an energy bar, such as a Clif Bar or Power Bar, and electrolyte tablets, such as Endurolytes (made by Hammer Nutrition).  Other snacks are good too.
  • Other things you should bring:
    • Road ID
    • Health Insurance Card, ID, Credit Card, Cash
    • Phone in a waterproof protected case
    • Gloves
    • Eye ware
    • Basic tools
    • Gels, bar, snack
    • Small/Basic First-Aid Pack
    • Sunblock and Bug repellent
  • NO earbuds are allowed.  Wearing earbuds while riding a bicycle on public roadways is against the law. In the trails, being aware of yours surroundings is important for safety reasons.
  • When you ride:
    • Pick your distance based on your ability
    • Look ahead for slippery or loose surface and potential hazards
    • Have a plan and let others know where you headed and the approximate time you will return.  Apps like Road ID have great features like tracking notifications, check them out at
    • If riding on your own, we recommend that you don't ride alone.
  • #1 thing to bring is your COMMON SENSE!
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