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EBC Bylaws

Bylaws revised October 2018, vote to adopt these new bylaws will be held at the November 13, 2018 membership meeting.

EBC BYLAWS to be approved 10 13 2018.pdf

Bylaws as revised July 2015

EBC By-Laws Approved July 14 2015.pdf

EBC Code Of Conduct

As an Everglades Bicycle Club member, I promise to:
  1. Practice good sportsmanship and conduct myself in an appropriate manner at all cycling and non-cycling events where I am representing Everglades Bicycle Club. "Representing the club" is defined as any time you are wearing the team jersey or at any event where you are registered as an Everglades Bicycle Club team member, regardless or whether you are wearing the team jersey or not, while you are at the event venue or on the course.
  2. Unacceptable behavior includes but is not limited to:
    • Physical abuse to any person while riding or at an event.
    • Use of foul language towards any person while riding or at an event
    • Making obscene gestures directed to any person while riding or at an event.
    • Malicious actions on the bike towards any persons.
  3. Wear my Club clothing proudly.
  4. Obey all traffic regulations as enforced by all relevant local authorities while on individual or group training rides or as instructed during sanctioned races.

Everglades Bicycle Club members must be conscious of their role as ambassadors to the non-cycling and recreational cycling communities. Failure to abide by the traffic laws, if observed by the public, can be extremely detrimental to the Club.

All members demonstrating a manifest unwillingness to meet these Codes of Conduct will be subject to suspension or membership revocation from the Everglades Bicycle Club.

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