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Krome Ave Trail EBC Regular Leader-led 14-16, 16-18, 17-19, 18-20, and 20+ MPH Training Road Ride from Ponce (Black)

  • 08 Dec 2018
  • 7:15 AM
  • Krome Avenue Trail - more details to come



More details as to exact start location to be provided soon.   We are going to include the new Krome Avenue Trail in this ride.  The Krome Avenue Trail will be officially opened and dedicated at 10AM....after our ride.   You are encouraged to attend the post ride ceremony to encourage the county to continue investments in cycling infrastructure.   We need to share them we care!!

    Group 5:  20+ MPH Ride for the most Advanced riders who perform at more challenging speeds and longer distances. Note:  This ride is leaderless.

    Group 4: 18-20 MPH LEADER-LED Ride for Advanced riders who are ready to take their riding to the next level and want to enjoy a challenging and safe environment with leader support and ongoing coaching.

    Group 3: 17-19 MPH LEADER-LED - This group is not always offered, check Facebook group for ride leader schedule. . This group ride is for Intermediate to Advanced riders who are ready to start learning more advance skills.  This Group is offered only when we have ride 

    Group 2: 16-18 MPH LEADER-LED Ride for Experienced Intermediate riders who are ready to take the next step to learning more advanced cycling skills like drafting, pace line etiquette at higher speeds, etc.

    Group 1: 14-16 MPH LEADER-LED Ride (GREAT ride for newer cyclists). Rider rules for safety, etiquette for riding in teams is reinforced and trained on this ride.

    • Destinations vary.  Check Facebook for route and last minute weather cancellations
    • Download routes to your RWGPS mobil app or Garmin device, this is a value added perk of  EBC Membership.

    Each group is lead by 2 ride leaders minimum, one ride leader in the front leading the group and one in the back sweeping. Our ride leaders are volunteer EBC members who have been certified to lead the EBC rides. Click here to know more about our awesome EBC ride leaders and remember, they are all volunteers who have given their time to help us.

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