saturday  Training rides

Most rides start/end at Ponce de Leon Middle School, 5801 Augusto Street, Miami, FL 33146.

Always check the Events Calendar to confirm start/end locations and times.
In the morning of the ride please check EBC Hub on Facebook for last-minute changes to ride events (eg. Cancellation due to weather).

Our rides typically head to Deering Estate and Blackpoint Marina.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the ride begins. For special events, we may stagger the start times so that all groups can arrive around the same time, regardless of speed or distance.

Please bring proof of membership
First Ride FREE for Guests

GROUP A          (19 -21 mph) – Leader-led
Destination:    Blackpoint Marina
R/T:                   34 Miles

GROUP B          (17-19 mph) – Leader-led
Destination:     Blackpoint Marina
R/T:                   34 Miles

GROUP C          (14-16 mph) – Leader-led
Destination:    Deering Estate
R/T:                  20 Miles


Email us at and we’ll get you in the next training class. Assignments to fit your schedule! No more than two rides per month. We need new ride leaders for all groups. Come join us!


Please come prepared before you join our rides–it is part of being a smart cyclist!

  • Helmets are required on all EBC rides
  • We suggest you bring 2 water bottles–1 for water and 1 for a sports drink.
  • Make sure you have the basic tools needed to replace flat tires: spare tube, CO2 cartridge & dispenser, tire levers.
  • Make sure your bike is in proper working condition, tires are inflated to the correct PSI (usually listed on the tire sidewall. and your electronics are charged.
  • Headphones and ear buds are not allowed on any of our rides.
  • Highly recommended, but not required, are gels, energy bars, or other nutrition of your choice.
  • ID, Health Insurance Card, Cellphone for Emergencies, Cash