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Most EBC Saturday rides will begin and end at  St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 5690 N Kendall Dr, Miami, FL 33156 or Ponce Middle School, 5801 Augusto Street, Miami, FL 33146. 

Each month, most rides will ride to Cauley Square or BlackPoint Marina.  Check the ride's calendar details for alternative information.

Looking to get back into cycling? Want to bike with a group, learn group cycling safety etiquette or simply socialize and stay fit on your bike? EBC has group rides every Saturday departing
  • Early Spring, fall and winter: 7:30 AM, to be announced, usually Oct-Apr (think cooler)
  • Late Spring and summer: 7:00 AM to be announced, usually Apr-Oct (think hot)

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before ride begins. For special events, we may stagger the start times so that all groups can arrive around the same time, regardless of speed or distance.  Check the EBC calendar to verify start/end time - especially for 14-16 and beginner groups.

Ride Schedules are listed on the EBC Calendar.


Please come out to the rides prepared to take care of your own mechanical problems. (Clubmates will help with repairs but should not be relied on to lend tubes etc) Each rider should have a small saddle bag filled with the essentials: 1-2 spare tubes, tire levers, a universal tool with Allen wrenches and a chain tool, a small patch kit and replacement chain link.
Also, each rider should have a pump or CO2 cartridges.

A shout of appreciation to all our hard working ride-leaders who volunteer their time to leading the EBC rides every week and all year round! THANK YOU!


Contact Joe Curbelo ( EBC Ride Leader and Leader-Led Ride Chairman.





EBC RIDE WAIVERS (for Ride Leaders):

If you have run out of the ride waiver sheets, click here to download a copy of EBC leader-led ride waiver to print - EBC_TrainingRide_waiver.pdf

Upcoming events

29 Sep 2018 6:45 AM • Ponce de Leon Middle School 5801 Augusto Street, Miami, FL 33146
14 Oct 2018 7:00 AM • Black Point Park and Marina, Homestead, FL
20 Oct 2018 7:00 PM • ‚ÄčISLA DEL ENCANTO 2, 11238 SW 137th Ave, Miami, FL 33186
10 Nov 2018 • Coral Gables, FL to Key Largo, FL
30 Nov 2018 7:30 AM • Starts at Homestead Speedway, ride to Key West


Group 4: 20-22+ MPH Ride for the most advanced riders who perform at challenging speeds and longer distances.  Approximately 55.5 miles. Note:  This group may or may not have a ride leader.

Group 3: 18-20 MPH LEADER-LED Ride for Advanced riders who are ready to take their riding to the next level and want to enjoy and challenging and safe environment with leader support and ongoing coaching.  45.3 miles (Cauley route) or 55.5 miles (Blackpoint route)

Group 2: 16-18+ MPH LEADER-LED Ride for Experienced riders who are ready to take the next step to learning more advanced cycling skills like drafting, pace line etiquette at higher speeds and with more mileage. 38.5 miles (BlackPoint route) or 41.3 miles (Cauley route)

Group 1: 14-16 MPH LEADER-LED Ride (GREAT ride for newer cyclists). Rider rules for safety, etiquette for riding in teams is reinforced and trained on this ride.  Approximately 26.1 miles.

Groups 1, 2 and 3 are led by 2 ride leaders minimum, one ride leader in the front leading the group and one in the back sweeping. Our ride leaders are volunteer EBC members who have been certified to lead the EBC rides. Click here to know more about our awesome EBC ride leaders and remember, they are all volunteers who have given their time to help us.


Every Saturday, time depends up the season so we can avoid South Florida heat.  (Check our cancellation policy for details).
  • Early Spring, fall and winter:  7:15 AM, wheels up 7:30 AM
  • Late Spring and summer: 6:45 AM, wheels up 7AM effective May 1, 2017
Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to pump your tires, get your bike off your rack, put shoes on and sign the waiver. This will allow us to complete the safety tutorial and on time. 

All EBC Saturday rides will begin and end at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 5690 N Kendall Dr, Miami, FL 33156 (If for unforeseen reasons ride start location changes, new start location will be noted in the event calendar and on EBC Facebook).

ROUTE MAPS as of 5/23/2017

Map of regular Saturday rides (Deering or BlackPoint routes)




General Notes:

Group 1:  (~25 Mile loop) Ride heads South to Deering Estate for a quick stretch, water replenishment and bio break then return to the starting point.

Group 2: Check Facebook to see which options will be available. Rides return to St Thomas and head to either
  • South to Deering Estate for a quick stretch, water replenishment and bio break then continues further to BlackPoint (38.5 miles)            or to Cauley Square.  Riders wanting a shorter ride can transfer to 14-16 at Deering
  • Out to Key Biscayne and Miami Beach

Group 3: Rides are either South to BlackPoint, Cauley Square or to Key Biscayne and Miami Beach  before returning to St Thomas. Check Facebook to see which options will be available.

  • South to BlackPoint then continues further to Homestead Bayfront Park (55.5 Miles)

    or to Cauley Square.  Riders wanting a shorter ride can transfer to 16-18 at BlackPoint
Group 4: Rides are either South to BlackPoint, Cauley Square or to Key Biscayne and Miami Beach  before returning to the St Thomas.  This ride itches for more distance and may extend to longer routes at times. Check Facebook to see which options will be available.
  • South to BlackPoint then continues further to Homestead Bayfront Park (55.5 Miles) Riders wanting a shorter ride can transfer to 16-18 at BlackPoint
  • South to Cauley Square

Want to be a Ride Leader? That's great!

Email us at and we'll get you in the next training class for certification. Assignments to fit your schedule! No more than two rides a month. We need new ride leaders for all groups. Come join us!


If there is inclement weather, a marathon or event scheduled at our ride start, or any doubt if any of our rides are taking place, please go to the  "Everglades Bicycle Club" Facebook Page for last minute announcements. We will post any updates there ONLY IF THERE ARE CHANGES to our routine. Otherwise, assume we are on schedule and at the regular ride start location.


All of our merchandise is available locally.   You can place your order by email to our merchandise chair via

For more information, check out our EBC Shop


Please come prepared before you join our rides--it is part of being a smart cyclist!

  • Bring 2 water bottles--1 for water and 1 for Gatorade or a similar sports drink or a Camel Back with water and a water bottle with sports drink.
  • Make sure you have the basic tools needed to replace flat tires--2 spare tubes for the size of your wheels (650 or 700), 2 CO2 cartridges with corresponding dispenser (check if canisters are threaded or unthreaded) or pump, and tire levers. Check out:
  • Make sure your tires are inflated to the correct PSI (usually listed on the tire sidewall. Wet conditions call for lower tire pressure)
  • Make sure that your bike is in good working condition, you have visited a mechanic in the last 90 days for a tune up and you check it after and before your rides.
  • I-PODS/MP3 PLAYERS OR EAR BUDS NOT ALLOWED ON EBC LEADER-LED RIDES. We appreciate your understanding as we need your full attention (eyes and ears) for everyone’s safety!
  • Highly recommended, but not required, are gels, an energy bar, such as a Clif Bar or Power Bar, and electrolyte tablets, such as Endurolytes (made by Hammer Nutrition).
  • EAT BREAKFAST BEFORE THE RIDE!!! You burn around 750 calories per hour and only store 1500 calories in your muscles and liver. So after 2 hours, you're out of gas! Not good. Eating before and during the ride extends your riding time, so do it! Focus on carbs - that's what you burn.


The EBC Miami Spice Series: hosted once a month and is part of our usual Saturday EBC leader-led rides. Our Miami Spice Series takes us to interesting destinations or special routes designed to keep our weekly riding schedule fresh and fun. It may be short (30 miles) or it may be longer (62 miles), it may be a tour style ride and it may be a road peloton ride. The point it is we have it available to "Spice things Up" and we have our hardworking ride-leader volunteers to thank for organizing and giving us these wonderful opportunities to be on our bikes having fun together as a club!

EBC "Beginner Group Ride" @ 7:30 AM year round: Held once a month (usually the second Sunday of every month), this ride is to prepare cyclists to ride with the 14-16 MPH group on Saturdays.  One on one coaching and mentoring as well as safety and skillful tips for riding in groups will be included in this ride.  All road cyclists who can ride at least 11 MPH are welcome to join. Please RSVP to Joe Curbelo ( to let us know you will be joining.


Every Sunday, rides depart at 7:30 AM SHARP from Ponce de Leon middle school in Coral Gables (address is 5801 Augusta Street, Coral Gables FL, 33146. Park your cars parallel to US 1 in front of the school).
Or the other popular ride start location is from Miami City Hall (Coconut Grove) address is 3500 Pan American Drive.

Most riders head north to Miami Beach and further north, some up to North Miami Beach and even to Hollywood. Some split at Key Biscayne. This is a leaderless ride, so no ride releases, no leaders, just show up and ride. Experienced cyclists welcome with a pace of 17+ MPH.


Looking to ride with someone during the week? Check out EBC Facebook page for spontaneous bike rides during the week. Many members post a shout out to fellow cyclists to join them for a ride. Right now there are 2 regular groups going out every Tuesday and Thursday mornings, at around 6 AM from Granada Golf course.

These are not official EBC sanctioned rides, but spontaneous friendly bike rides organized by individuals, (which means no ride releases, just show up and ride). Please check with the person who posted the invitation for further details on time, where to meet, direction or route and speed.

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