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The Everglades Bicycle Club has a rich and proud history that dates back to our inception in 1976.  It is rich in the significance of the work our club contributes to the cycling community.  We are looked upon for our leadership in local cycling issues and for presenting great rides from our annual events to our weekly Saturday morning runs.  We are welcoming to both the new cyclist just getting into the sport and to experienced cyclist with years in the saddle.  We are privileged to play a role in our growing bicycling community with all we do.

There has never been a better time to be a member of our club!  We have so much to offer to our members and the cycling community!  If you haven’t been riding with us lately, here’s what you have been missing:

  • Weekly Saturday morning rides where the distance and pace differs to match your skill set and fitness level
  • Monthly Miami Spice rides with interesting destinations such as the MIA traffic control tower, Curtiss Mansion in Miami Springs, Wynwood Art Walls, Mexican breakfast in Homestead, or guided tours such as the Tour de Coral Gables
  • The Tour de Redlands, a free outreach ride with routes tracing the origins of our club
  • The Roland Mazzotti Snowbird Century and the Homestead Speedway Bicycle Festival, our two signature events that attract over 600 participants!  EBC members receive discounted entrance fees and 51% of our proceeds are donated to charity
  • Sebring Spring Break Weekend, open to EBC members to enjoy routes in the beautiful countryside and chill at the historic Kenilworth Lodge
  • Escape to Key West, a two day ride and moveable feast from Miami to Key West
  • Our annual Membership Banquet and our annual Club Picnic, fun times to socialize, eat and drink while we’re not wearing lycra and helmets
  • Christmas Toy Ride, donating a new toy for a child in need warms the heart
  • Our EBC Newsletter filled with articles and information
  • Our social media platform on Facebook and Twitter where you can be up to date from our members on all the current activities

None of these things happen without your help and your participation!  Our club is run by our volunteer Board of Directors and powered by the efforts of volunteers.  It’s what makes our club so great!  The common thread tying us together is the love of bicycling, the friendships, and the rewards of doing for others.  That’s what makes us proud to wear the EBC jersey!


I would like to welcome the 2014 Board of Directors:

  • Juan Alban, Vice-President
  • Bob Williams, Treasurer
  • Patricia Massey, Secretary
  • Ruth Chant, Director at Large
  • David Fernandez, Director at Large
  • Mary Beth Garcia, Director at Large
  • Sue Kawalerski, Director at Large
  • John Sabatier, Director at Large


Always feel free to contact me or our board if you should have any questions, comments, suggestions, or if you would like to volunteer for any of our activities.  We’re going to have a great year, together!


 - Greg Neville




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